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  • What exactly is a cat cafe?
    The concept of a “Cat Cafe” can be traced back to Taiwan and Taipei in the late 90’s, and soon after expanded to Japan. Operating as restaurants and sit-down cafes, guests enjoy bonding with cats as they enjoy their meals. Spreading to the U.K, Korea, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Germany, France, the concept arrived in Canada around 2014, and soon made its way to the United States with locations in Oakland, CA and New York City, NY. Health code regulations in the U.S. are more stringent when it comes to food preparation, so the cat cafe concept has largely become a coffee shop environment with a fully separated “lounge” area for cats and humans to engage with one another.
  • Why a cat cafe?
    There are SO many good reasons! Here are just a few: - Cats choose to interact with humans as they see fit. In doing so, they experience affection and learn to trust, which helps them remain (or become) emotionally healthy, well socialized companion animals and increases their chances of adoption. This interaction is difficult to encourage when the cat/kitten has to spend the majority of it’s time in a cage. - Scientific research has shown the company of companion animals can lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety in humans. But not everyone who wants a pet can have one, nor can everyone commit to regular volunteer work at a local animal shelter. - Our facility is part cafe AND a foster “home” environment for adoptable cats. We've partnered with 2 local 501c3 rescue organizations - Scott County Humane Society and Lexington Humane Society. Rescued cats blossom in a safe, comfortable, cage-free environment. Each cat adopted from Central Purrk Cat Cafe makes room for another foster cat in the cat lounge, which in turn keeps them out of already overcrowded shelters.
  • Wait. I have to PAY to pet cats?!
    Yes. And let us tell you why... Your $12 admission fee into the Cat Lounge allows us to continue our mission of finding our foster cats a second chance at a loving forever home. Your dollars contribute to our maintaining a safe, comfortable cage-free environment for our foster cats that is staffed with knowledgeable, compassionate and hard-working team members. If you decide you want to adopt one of our foster cats, the adoption fee goes directly to the humane society.
  • Do I have to have a reservation?
    Reservations to enter the cat lounge are highly recommended. Because we only allow a small number of people into our cat lounge at a time, we cannot accept walk-ins when we are at capacity. We recommend booking at least one day before you would like to visit to ensure there's room for you when you arrive. You are welcome to come to the cafe at any time to grab a bite and a drink, and simply watch the cats and humans interact in the cat lounge - no reservations are required for that!
  • Are kids allowed in the cat lounge?
    We welcome children over 6 years of age accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. For children under 6 years of age, we do have a dedicated time slot called "Kiddie Cat Hour." Visit that link on our website to learn more.
  • Can I bring my own cat with me?
    No. Our space is dedicated to cats who do not yet have an awesome pet parent (such as yourself).
  • Where do the cats come from?
    All cats residing in our foster lounge are rescues and available for adoption from the Scott County Humane Society. Each cat has been fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered and is microchipped. 100% of the adoption fee goes back to the shelter.
  • How do adoptions work?
    If you're interested in adopting one of our foster cats, then YAY!!! All you need to do is fill out an Adoption Application and we'll process it right away. In most cases, you can take your new kitty home the same day!
  • Can I just come to the cafe and not visit the cats?
    You sure can! We welcome everyone - whether or not you're a cat lover. Central Purrk Cat Cafe is PURRFECT for anyone who's allergic to cats, can't own an animal where they are currently living, or just want to come in and watch. Remember, our cafe is completely separate from the cat lounge, has plenty of seating, places to plug in and work and FREE wifi!
  • I found a stray cat! Can I bring it to you?
    Unfortunately, no. In order to ensure the health and safety of our kitties, all cats in the cafe must be checked out by veterinarians at our partner shelters to make sure they are healthy enough to live in a group environment with our other adoptable cats. In addition, there is a mandatory "waiting" period at an animal shelter before a stray can go up for adoption. This is in hopes that someone is missing that pet, and the waiting period gives them time to find it. If you found a stray cat and you don’t know what to do, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to try and help in any way we can.
Still have a question?  Send us an email at or give us a call!
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